Can you load a PowerPoint presentation into Flash & advance the slides and record?

I am trying to find a way to allow clients to record audio and powerpoint presentations and output it to a video file.


  1. Client opens their PPT presentation, and calls into a conference number that records their audio. They go through their whole presentation and hang up.
  2. They email me their PPT presentation and I download their audio from the conference call. I then use a screen capture program to sit through their audio and advance the PPT slides as they talk. I match up the audio and export the whole thing as a FLV to play on the web.

Its not hard to match up the audio, but it sucks to sit through their entire presentation and try to advance their slides to match their audio. We ask them to put slide numbers on their PPT, which helps queue up the slides, but it still takes a lot of time. I want to find a more automated way to at least capture their slide transitions in real time and match their audio up post production.

What I want to do:

  1. Client goes to website, browses to upload their PPT presentation. The presentation loads in Java or Flash as you would normally see it in PPT.
  2. Client calls into conference number to record their audio portion.
  3. As the user goes through their presentation in their browser using a Flash/Java application, it is recording the screen and saving it as a video.
  4. When the user finishes, I retrieve their video and download their audio and match them up (this would be sooo much quicker b/c the slide transitions are already recorded) and export them as FLV in my video editing program.

This has to be something simple for our users that they can do by themselves without us being involved. They need to be able to load their presentations and record their screens video as they go through their slides. These are 50 year old men who are not savvy. Find a way for a user to record the slide transitions via the web and save it to the server.

The current way I am doing it works great… but it takes a TON of production time and frustration if I accidentally advance a slide to soon or late during the recording. :mad:

Can Flash load PowerPoint and cycle through them via keystrokes? If so, any methods to record this?

There’s definitely no chance they could use something like Jing Pro, or Camtasia? it seems like reading the PPT files is a lot of work for what’s basically a job for a screencasting app.

Edited to add: Duh, I forgot this link! This process of converting your PPTs to WMF slides might make the Flash part a bit easier; you just need to grab all the slides that way.

What about to create video from ppt,i prefer use Presentation to Video’s nice tool and really simple.