Can you hear my audio?

Hi there,

I am building a site for a band, who obviously need viewers to hear their audio tracks.

The site is here:

I am using the HTML5 audio tag, with a fall-back to a flash player. I’ve been getting my friends to check out the site, and have been getting mixed feedback regarding the audio.

The drummer of the band is running Safari 5.0.5 on Snow Leopard, and can’t play the audio. In fact it doesn’t load. I have tested the site out on Opera, Chrome, Safari and FF (all latest versions), on my Lion Mac, and all seems to be working fine. I’ve tested it out on IE8 on my boss’ office machine, and the flash player will buffer the track, but not actually play anything. (Not sure what the hell’s going on there…)

I wonder if you could quickly test the audio on your machine and as many browsers as you care to, and let me know if you could get the audio to play. The audio page is here:

Many thanks,

Works find on my machine (Ubuntu Linux OS) running Google Chrome Browser. BTW… Angeline sure has a beautiful voice!

Yep, true dat! I’ll pass it on to her! Thanks Shyflower. :slight_smile:

first one is good “hold on, I’M coming” and i sense the fast quick response as I clicked the song.

it works…
nice site :slight_smile:

Thanks customizelogo and Virunga. Could you please let me know what browser/OS you are both using.

Many thanks

I am using Mozilla Firefox 8.0 and Windows Xp right now,If you set up Google webmaster into your site you can easily find which browser and Os is used while exploring your site.

Cheers customizelogo, thanks for your reply. If i set up Google Webmaster, I will know which browser and OS has visited, but I’m guessing I won’t know whether that person was able to hear my audio. Is that right?


Sound’s good wish you best of luck and keep progressing!!

Nice songs! :slight_smile:

The page works to some extent in all Mac (Lion) browsers for me. Safari (5.1.2) and Chrome are good. FF was slow to load; it played track 1 fine, but the other tracks wouldn’t play for me. Opera was the same as FF: first track played fine, but the others not. The controls are also a little buggy in FF.

Hi Ralph, thanks for your reply. I’ll take another look at FF and Opera. It could be an error with the ogg files.

Chrome and windows 7… and yes, I can hear it… I like the song “you got the love”. It brings me good memories :slight_smile:

Thanks molona.

@ralph - I’ve checked it on FF, and I’m getting the same responses. In fact I can’t get anything to play now, and eventually the player greys-out and an x appears. The .ogg files all work file when I play them through VLC locally.

Any ideas what could be causing this?


Angeline sure has a beautiful voice! Working well on firefox, Win 7.

Thanks adulti! :slight_smile:

Yes i Can hear it. Also the music in the background is very melodious , can anybody tell me who the music composer and singer is,

Hi DerekWayne,

Ok it’s time to confess, it’s my band. I’m playing bass on those recordings. The tracks are all covers:

Hold on I’m Coming was originally recorded by Sam & Dave, written by Issac Hayes and David Porter.
I Wish was written and recorded by the fantastic Stevie Wonder,
I Need A Dollar is performed by Aloe Blacc, written by Leon Mitchels, Aloe Blacc, Nick Movshon & Jeff Dynamite,
You Got The Love was originally performed by Candi Staton and The Source in 1986, but was re-released by Florence and the Machine in 2009. It was written by Anthony B. Stephens, Arnecia Michelle Harris & John Bellamy.

There you go, hope that’s useful to ya! :smiley:


The songs play immediately in FF 5.
The songs play immediately in Chrome 13.0.782.112

I am running Linux Mint:

 lsb_release -a
No LSB modules are available.
Distributor ID:    LinuxMint
Description:    Linux Mint Debian Edition
Release:    1
Codename:    debian

OK, All the best Micky… Wish your album to be a superhit for you.

Solutions given.

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