Can you force an iframe to scroll down the page?

I’m going to be framing an external page (one that I have no control over) and am trying to show content that is about a quarter of the way down the page. Is there a way to force the iframe to scroll down to that content without the use of an anchor tag in the framed page? Maybe a tag attribute that forces the page to scroll down 25% or something?

You would have to use javascript scrollTo() function to control where the page scrolls to.

not possible to access DOM of a page in a different domain

for security purposes

No but you can estimate a place for the frame to scroll to…

you cant perform any action on the iframe’s DOM if its external, not even scrollTo() which i think is a part of the iframes content, not the iframe itself

yea i just tried it, access denied

function gonow() {

<body onLoad="gonow()">
<iframe id="if" src="" width="400" height="200"></iframe>