Can you find the source code of a website?

I use 3dcart on some of my websites. I found a website that has some features my site does not. Is there a way to look at their source code and compare to mine to see what they are doing differently? Other than “view source” on the browser. When I view source on the browser it is not showing me a link to the “category_0” html file where I know the code would be stored for instance. I did not know if this was possible.

3dcart will be written in a server-side language, probably PHP or ASP. There is no way you can view the source code (other than the resultant HTML) of another website. If you could do that then you can say goodbye to security.

I just know how it is in the backend. I didn’t know if I could find the HTML of other sites and compare. Trying to make my website better.

You can view the HTML with View Source, but I doubt that’s going to help with a cart system.


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