Can you check my mobile layout if you have a Smartphone?

Hi, I have checked my site in mobilizer, kindly suggested in this forum, and eventhough it looks ok in the online simulators, I think the real test would be to see it in a few actual smartphones.
So I was wondering if anyone with an iPhone, Android etc, could have a quick look to see if this test page www.profesornativo(dot)com/edit.htm is easy to access and especially if it’s easy to read the font sizes. Thanks.

Looks ok on an android htc desire. I’d make the top horizontal menu bigger though, double the height and extend to full page width to make it a bit more finger friendly

ok, I have made those changes (I think). This is for screen width max : 400px. ( Thanks

It’s better but would still be a bit small for people without nimble fingers. I tend to look at the ios ui guidelines for apps as a useful benchmark that can be applied to any mobile platform.

Ok, I have made the horizontal nav bar at the top a bit bigger. Better now? If your mobile screen is less than 400px wide, you should see the changes. Screens bigger than 400px would see a smaller nav bar (I haven’t done the bigger screens yet.) Isn’t the Android HTC Desire a bit bigger than an iPhone? Thanks.

It appears alright on my HTC Radar 4G, which is a Windows Phone 7.5 running a version of IE 9.
Windows Phones currently have a set dimension of 800x480

4g? sounds good! My starting point design is for screens smaller than 400px wide, so bigger screens probably see a less than ideal layout…I hope to do the various bigger layouts (@media) soon. Thanks!

Tip when posting links for mobile phone pages
use a QR code image as it saves fiddly typing.

QR code? That’s new to me. How does it work? Thanks.