Can Word documents Be Safely Pasted Into WP Blog Posts?

I have a folder designated on my system where I have my future blog posts stored in MS Word. When I want to make a blog post, I go to my WP-admin, open up “posts” to make a blog post and paste my articles into the text area after highlighting the text and “right-click / copying” from MS Word.
How safe is this if I do it this way? I mean, is there other code dragged from MS Word into WP? Or?? Feedback / insights / constructive criticism appreciated.

You should not copy and paste directly from a Word Document into WordPress, because you will also include all the MS Word formatting.

There should be an icon at the top of the edit area of the post for “Paste as Text”. It looks like a clipboard with a “T” on it. Use that and it will strip out all the extra formatting.


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