Can we use long tail Keywords for Meta tags

can we use long tail keywords for meta tags?


<meta name=“keywords” content=“holiday tour, tourism packages…” />
Instead of using primary keywords in meta tags, may i use long tail keywords inside it?

<meta name=“keywords” content=“holiday packages from london to paris, …” />

Help needed. Thanks in advance


You can use whatever you like in the meta keywords tag. At best it will make negligible difference, and if Google thinks you are keyword spamming, they could potentially hit you with a penalty.

Remember that it’s “keywords”, not “keyphrases”, so you shouldn’t be using multi-word phrases unless they are compound terms. So “Ayia Napa” is fine, because those words go together, but “package holiday to Paris” is not.

You can use longtail keywords for meta tags. They are valuable due to the low competition. People who are looking for longtail keywords, buy more products most of the time because they simply already know what they want. So longtail keywords are a great resource to use in website meta tags and article writing.

Hence i cant use the long tail keywords here? Google or any search engine only consider specific keywords only or long tail ?

you can use long tail keyword in your meta keywords tag.

No, You can use long tail keywords but keep in mind according to current penguin update do not over optimize your keywords use some LSI keywords along with your primary keyword.

I think that okay, you can use it. But please aware that meta tag is now not effect search engine querying. however, it is good for internal search…!

Adding long tail keywords in meta tags should not affect your website in keyword ranking.But do not insert more that 6 keywords in your meta keywords of meta tag.Some time it should getting problem like keyword stuffing.

I’m reading this thread and wondering what long-tail keywords in a META Tag have to do with Social Media?

Yes you can use long tell keywords in meta tag. But such tags are beneficial in web2.0 only. Don’t practice it in your website.

Actually this topic is connected with marketing in general, and with SEO in particular. So suppose that this thread isn’t right for the question.

ofcourse,…you can longtail keyword on meta tag… BUT it will really work IF related with your main keyword.

ofcourse you can use long tail keyword, but why you want use… google does not read keyword meta tag…

Long tail keywords are less popular keywords because they have less search volume. Long tail keywords are work much better than in the past. Nowadays, short term keyword is more competition and not easy to get in the first page on Google. So you can concentrate the natural long tail keyword Google also gives importance to long tail keywords.

Nothing at all Linda, nothing at all.

I guess there are so many forums here some members can’t figure out the best place so they just post anywhere?

IMHO unless someone works for a search engine company or maybe knows someone that does posts. discussions such as this one are useless.

Long tail keywords help to promote short keyword tags also. When you do Off page submission for getting back links there are two points come either use short keywords or long tail keywords. When you use long tail keywords it comes in ranking so fast and promote short keywords also. It takes time for short keywords because of high competition.

So better to start with Long tail keywords.


Yes, you can use long tail keywords for meta tags. Long tail keywords are used to refine the search terms in the webpage. They are highly specific and tends to draw quality traffic but comparatively less traffic.

Search engine especially Google, don’t give value to meta keywords during give ranking to your website/webpage in search engine hence it is not matter that you are using long tail keywords or short tail keywords in the meta keyword.