Can we use keywords in "itemprop" property?


I want to know that, can we use “itemprop” in SEO. Like, is it possible to add keywords in “itemprop”.
if we use it with keywords, is it beneficial in SEO point of view or not?

For example,

<span itemprop=“name” itemprop=“description”>

Can we use it as:

<span itemprop=“name” itemprop=“SEO Services”>

SEO Services is a keyword.

I’ve had a look through and I can’t see that that is a valid construct.

You can only have one itemprop attribute per element (that’s true for any attribute), and the value must be “an unordered set of unique space-separated tokens”, in other words, a series of single-word values. The content of the itemprop is the content of the element with the itemprop. In other words, if you have <span itemprop=“name”>SEO Services</span>, it’s ‘SEO Services’ that is the content.

And realistically, I don’t know that Google will even be paying attention to microformat attributes at the moment. They are so little used in real world deployment that I doubt Google would get anything meaningful from them, beyond seeing who is trying to keyword-stuff and cloak their content.