Can we remove video noise using PHP and python?

I want to create a website where user uploads an video and say clicks on button called remove noise. After this, the noise from the video should be removed and replace the uploaded video with the new ones in our database.

Can we do this? If yes, what all are things which I need to learn like Programming languages, etc…

You can do it in PHP or Python, but I don’t think it would be easy, Python could be better for the job than PHP but still if you don’t know anything about video encoding and processing then writing this stuff on your own would take you years of learning, probably.

The best way would be to use an existing library, for example Avisynth or FFmpeg or any other video processing program that can be run from the command line. Just look for the one that does the job you want, test it (there are versions for Linux and Windows) and then you can use PHP to handle the website and via PHP you can run the command for the external video converter to do the job.

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