Can we give space to table cells using <table> tag attribute in HTML5 without any css?

Hi there

I have a question that I want to give some cellspacing or cellpadding to a table.For that I was using <table cellpadding="5"> </table>

but now I want to give some space to cell of tables in HTML5.

How can I do this?

Without using CSS?

Would be helpful to debug if you can create a code fiddle or code pen

You can add that in on your <table> tag as an inline style, but it’s an incredibly dated practice, and one that has been depreciated in HTML5. Use CSS for what you need to do.

I am using CSS now for my task

I was thinking about using it only using attributes just like we do before HTML5

Unless it is for an email, please don’t

I thought this was Sitepoint, not Jurassic Park? :wink:

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