Can we crack Google?

I’ve an intelligent idea for creating search engine which provides more accurate results than Google, but no money if I implement the idea will it be able to crack Google.

Don’t forget that Google started in a garage, probably with little money. Work with what you have. If it’s a truly good idea, it certainly has a chance. And if you can present it as a good and viable idea, you might be able to launch a kickstarter campaign to help fund it.

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don’t mean to sound negative but that is going to be a rather large battle or at least your idea is going to have to be beyond extremely good.

Given that microsoft can’t even catch up with google with their Bing search engine and how much money they will have had to throw at it i can’t easily see it happening anytime soon.

Your best bet i reckon is to get something working well and sell the idea to one of the big boys. Once you start moving in on someone else territory you will find lots of hassle coming your way. Apple and Samsung are constantly in the courts. Not even to get money but purely to slow each other down to gain a small market advantage.

Having said that though, Dyson took on the traditional vacuum manufacturers and blew them out the water so it is possible.

best of luck


Thanks for your motivation.

This is a bold thinking, of course Google is not invincible

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Might not be invincible but it is currently #2 on forbes most valuable brand list and is worth $82.5 Billion. Not sure what time scale you would want to work to but even a 10 year plan you would be looking at needing to make just a little under $1 billion a year. edit oops meant $10 billion a year!

Hello Friend,

Its good that you have the courage and heart to do some thing like this. Though to be honest google is one of its kind and they are evolving and getting better each day so to be a competitor of the would really be a hard job. Either then you can focus on creating something else like something we need and I am sure if you come up with something unique there wont be any problem with money.

You’re taking on google anytime soon without a similar amount of capital for infrastructure, marketing, and maintenance. Its just not a very realistic goal – its a pipe dream. I would go as far to say there are better chances of you winning the lottery or aliens invading the planet.

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