Can this be done?

I have been teaching my self PHP so decided to post here, sorry if it’s in the wrong spot.

I have a problem with an external social media website that my flat mate likes to run 24/7. When he logs in and joins the chat problem offered by the site, it opens about 4-5 pages pages/pop ups. there is no options within the site to change this, and browser settings did not have an effect as well.

Normal this would not be to much of an issue, however at this stage we only have one PC a media centre/gaming rig which runs in my living room on at 47inch LCD. The content of this site is of a nature that I don’t want it cluttering my desk top for all to see.

As I proceed in learning to code I cant help but try and think of a way to fix this. 1st I was thinking Iframes to make a virtual browser. But I quickly learnt that you can only use iframes on your own site, for security reasons. I Then I tried finding a browser that could run multiple pages in the one screen kind of like the first page you see in Google chrome, that displays screen shots of most visited sites.

So is this possible to achieve?, and if so where would one start, the site in question is a .asp site. If not, I am going to run Virtual box so that it is all confined to one page. Not the best outcome possible.