Can this be done with htaccess?

Hello everyone,

I have a script from an indian company who assure me the script is fully translated into my language without problems. I search for Oorjit reviews on internet and find none so I didn´t know about the experience of others so I trust them.
After setting up the page I realize that the URL keywords cannot be changed only if we pay a very large amount of money to do the job.
So my question is can I do this with htaccess ?

I have my web at and I need to translate from english to spanish the entire site. I know that apart of an ugly spanglish url this is important for SEO, so:
I need to be

So practically I need to change one keyword. Can this be done ? Thank you so much for your help!


I’m not sure what you bought but keywords are found (when a search engine even looks for them - that’s apparently going out of style), they’re in the page’s <head>…</head> section in a <meta … /> tag.

.htaccess is used for directives to the Apache server regarding SERVING an incoming request.



so is not possible to change the url in my case with htaccess ?
i´m a beginner in this

so is not possible to change the url in my case with htaccess ?

Actually it should be very simple.

RewriteRule ^categorias/?$ activedeals

Internally and under the hood, your site would still use “activedeals”, but now if someone visits through the “categorias” URL, then the activedeals content will be returned.


It IS possible to perform redirections (using mod_alias or mod_rewrite) via .htaccess but it operates using the requested file information, not “keyword” content within web pages. Perhaps you’re using the term “keyword” incorrectly? Above, it looks like you’re talking about changing directories or extensionless filenames.

One of my “soapbox” speeches (“Specificity”) is to start any mod_rewrite redirection by specifying EXACTLY what you want to change (which implies that is ONLY what you want to change) and what you want to change it to. Once you have your specification, it’s a simple matter to write the mod_rewrite code to perform the redirection.

You might benefit from reading the mod_rewrite tutorial linked in my signature as it contains explanations and sample code. It’s helped may members <snip/> and should help you, too.



I have write this code into the htacces but nothing is happening.
It doesn´t matter if under the categorias url will show the content of activedeals, this is what I need.
So there is a way to change the word from the URL ? Thanks again.

Can you copy-paste your entire htaccess into a code block here on the forum so we can take a look?