Can the search enegines read flash now?


I know technology is forever changing and Google gets re-programmed tor read things it couldn’t before etc. But can it read flash. for instance can it read the text on this page (the text appears to be placed between <noscript tags> - not sure what this means.

For instance can it read the text on this page!vstc0=services

thanks for your help

From what i read on the net, googl read flash content, bun not dinamic content added with ActionScript.
From their log :
We’ve received numerous requests to improve our indexing of Adobe Flash files. Today, Ron Adler and Janis Stipins—software engineers on our indexing team—will provide us with more in-depth information about our recent announcement that we’ve greatly improved our ability to index Flash.

Thanks for this -useful and surprising!

Is there any way i can tell by viewing the source of a page if it has been put up using actionscript?

I think you will find Google has been able to read flash text since 2008 if you follow the earlier link put up by MarPlo. The question is how do you know how it has been put up as actionscripr seems to be a problem.