Can;t get text to move with css

On this page: at the bottom, there is a box for Non-Profits. There is an image, and text. I want to give the text some padding on top to move it down, but NOT THE IMAGE. I can not do it, for some crazy reason. Can someone help me out, please?

If all you have to work with is the p element then apply the margin to the p element but then drag the image back upwards.

#mainblog .non-profit-bottom img{margin-top:-15px}
#mainblog .non-profit-bottom p{margin:20px 0 -10px}

That is not possible…That is all generated by Wordpress…I did not manually create that text. It is created within wordpress, by wordpress. I have no control over its markup at all.

On the text, can you put a <span> on there and style the span with the padding required? I have nowhere to test this right now, but it’s something I’d try.

<span style='padding-top:10px;'>Text Here</span>

Can try margin if padding doesn’t work…

That is done automatically by Wordpress, there is no way, to my knowledge, to separate it out. the image and text (the entire post) are pulled with <?php? the_excerpt() ?> and wordpress does the rest.

Erm, take the image out from between the <p> tags so it doesn’t inherit the text styles?