Can someone tell me.. whats happening to my site..?

Can someone explain me… should i consider this or not…? The One which i have marked in red is the present one… and the one below that was taken last month…

Hard to say. These are just random thoughts. I assume that you had new content posted during the last month. Those could be the 2 recently discovered.

From the authority, another 2 were removed, probably because after further “study” were not considered good enough. Same with your established links.

You may have to ask the creator of the tool though. I don’t use this tool so I’m far, far from being an expert.

For what I’ve read, this tool only indicates the probability of being considered spamish. So your page may be considered spam even if the tool says that the propability is low.

That’s MOZ OSE report if I’m not mistaken.
The only two numbers you should focus on is DA and Spam Score. DA must go up and Spam score should come down. The rest will follow.

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