Can someone tell me the technology (language) driving this e-commerce site?

Hi, I just got a job (haven’t started yet) but part of my function is going to be downloading orders off this site (see URL below) and shipping these orders out. I will also be controlling an ebay store site and an Amazon site - but this is the one I guess that’s getting no traffic.

I’m going to be in charge of SEO for this site with a goal in mind of increasing the traffic the best way I can.

The URL is:

My questions right now out of curiousity are:

  1. What is the server language used on this site (im seeing file extensions ending with .gnf - if you click the search button after arriving you will see what I mean)?

  2. Can you tell me anything about this type of file extension or technology?

  3. Is it a good idea to create another domain name that points to this site - and to promote that more catchy, intuitive, and simple domain (or names) - or will I get blacklisted by the search engines for such an action?

  4. Open to suggestions on how to drive traffic to this type of site.

I know about h1 tags, title keywords, and a few other methods to organically improve SEO, but always open to tips and tricks;)


If you have access to the server, you can probably answer most of your questions pretty easily.

In respect to the file extension .gnf (as far as web formats go), there’s no such thing, either the solution their using or out of their preference (if they wrote it themselves) they probably altered the MIME type for whatever server-side language appeared as. As to why they did it, I’ve no idea but I guess there’s an inherent sort of sense in customising the file extension (if users don’t need to type it in) as it prevents “bad people” knowing what kind of attack would work - due to the language being covered up… it’s a sort of security through obscurity case in point. Best thing to-do is ask them yourself, as you’re not expected to know that stuff. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys - oh and the further questions I had were answered just by browsing around in the forums about SEO.

I’ll find out soon enough.

Thanks again.