Can someone suggest a slideshow script?

I don’t care if its YUI, mootools, or whatever… Can someone suggest a good slideshow plugin or script for me? I’ve been looking for a few days to no avail.

There are a handful of really good ones here

Thanks for the links… I’m looking for something that I can pass an array of JSON, and it build the gallery from there. I was wondering if I could make the above script do that? It seems like a lot of these slideshows/sliders/lightboxes require people to load all the images on 1 page… then javascript manipulates them. I just want to tell my slideshow what images to show via json. I have galleries with 80+ images. It would be expensive to load all the images at once.

You don’t need JSON to load the images one at a time - in fact JSON can’t load the images. All you need is to request each image for download using regular JavaScript while displaying the previous image. See for an example of slideshows that do it that way.