Can someone explain how WebAssembly will work, is it JavaScript compiler

Hi guys,

I’ve read this article:

and I don’t quite understand how Javascript will work in WebAssembly. Is it JavaScript compiler. I look at its code on Github page, they are JavaScript.

So how they work? JavaScript compiles JavaScript.

Sorry for stupid question, I’ve to understand this.


Hey - questions, stupid or otherwise, are the only effective way to learn. FWIW I don’t think that it’s stupid in this case.

So far as I understand, WebAssembly is a binary format that can be parsed (turned in to executable code) much faster, and has a smaller footprint, than standard text-based file formats.

Pay attention to WebAssembly if you are planning to convert C++ or other languages over to JavaScript. Otherwise, it’s not likely to affect you much at all.

Brendan Eich has further details on this (video and more) at

In short the concept of webassembly is to bring

a portable bytecode that will be efficient for browsers to download and load, providing a more efficient target for compilers than plain JavaScript or even asm.js.

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Thank you for your help.

It seems I have to learn C++ in order to take advantage of the new feature.

This article explains it pretty well:

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