Can some1 please explain _blank,_self,_parent,_top in small words?

I am a somewhat intelligent man. I know how to fill out an application at McDonald’s I can write my name etc.etc. , but when it comes to those _blank,_self,_parent,_top they are like Criptonite for Superman.

I understand blank opens a new page.How about the rest. Can you help me please.
ThanX a bunch. Lots of great karma coming your way.

PS but explain like you’re explaining to your grandmother. :smiley:

Using target=“_top”
target=“_top” within a link tag causes the new page to load in the full body of the window, which is useful if you ever want to break out of the frameset you have created and have a frameless page.

Using target=“_parent”
target=“_parent” is similar to target=“_top” but will refer to the immediate parent of a frame. In more advanced frame usage there may be several nested frames and this allows more control over which frames are specified.

Using target=“_blank”
target=“_blank” causes the link to open in a totally new browser window, leaving the page with the refering link still open behind it.

Using target=“_self”
target=“_self” loads the page within the same frame as the link tag.

Thanks. I have a follow up question. I have a contact button to send emails. It opens a blank page when it launches the mail program. How can I prevent that from happening ?

well your geturl statement should like
and that’s it
if it still launches windows, it might be your browser?

Okay great ! ThanX.
But Wait !
For a email what should be Window _Blank or _ Top ?
Thank you so much for your time.

there is no window
that’s why it would open a new window
just leave it blank

OOOhh I got it. ThanX .