Can Secret Services trace owner of domain even if register anonymously?

All they can do is dispute your use of the name and take it away if they win!

You can also find a host that is offshore that hosts these sorts of sites (free speech and rights content) :wink:

Is there any credit card you can buy for cash? I read a few years back that they were thinking of creating these for teenagers?

have a look at

Thanks danidan - looks just perfect. Pity it’s only available for people in Ireland. Surely there must be something similar available in the UK?

I guess I would ask myself this first and foremost, “Do I want this kind of attention?”

You are going through the trouble of hiding your identity only to publish something that will get noticed by a government agency. If you think that anyone in any technologicaly advanced country such as the US, UK, Israel, etc can’t find you then you are in serious denial.

As soon as keywords they look for pop up you will be investigated and found out…Without much work on their part. And now you have attention that IMHO is better off not had…

Ryanair can fly you over very cheap… :slight_smile:

lol - I love how the op is talking about hiding from security cameras, and using net cafes all to keep his identity hidden… yet he is posting all this on a public forum

good stuff

Look for a registrar that accepts a postal money order (or international postal money order).

The rules on domain registration require the purchaser to provide real contact info to the registrar when they purchase the domain. If the registrar attempts to contact the owner for any reason and cannot then the terms of licencing the domain name have been breached and the registrar would delete the domain. Anyone with a legitimate complaint against the domain can get at least that much done even if you were able to completely conceal your identity in ordering the domain. Of course your chances of being able to conceal yourself so that you can’t be identified are close to zero in any case.

What the hell you are trying:

  1. A govt domain cannot be registered by a person,
  2. over and above you want to place content against govt,
  3. most likely you will not get a host,
  4. even if you are doing all that through a cafe and pay registration and hosting charge even in cash, you can be located any time anywhere - people are easilly located even in a country like India, who has 1/5th of world’s total population (approx.), for sending hate mails and you are in UK.

Just do some rethinking
Best of luck.

Just because something exists in a “terms of service” agreement does NOT mean it is enforceable. Courts invalidate contractual language all the time.

In America, it is perfectly legal to use an alias as long as you aren’t doing it for illegal purposes. If I signed up a domain name with a fake name and the registrar tried to steal it, you better believe I’d haul their butt into court. I’d wager I’d win, too.

As for the original post:

You could purchase one of those prepaid Visa debit cards. They work just like a regular credit card and you can buy domain names with them. I have bought throw away domain names with them. They work great.

We are not talking about a registrar stealing the domain. We are talking about where the domain owner does something where legal action is to be taken against them and the registrar cannot contact the domain ownere and therefore deletes the domain rather than being taken to court themselves. If the domain owner then comes forward to take the registrar to court the original complaint against them can then be dealt with and the registrar’s action would be justified.

You do realize that putting fake data in your domain registration is grounds for
the registrar to terminate your account, right? And are you wagering that you
would win because you’ve not seen any registrar’s agreement upheld in court
for any reason?

While this decision is for contributory trademark infringement, skip to counts II
and III and you might be shocked to know that even registrars’ contracts can
be upheld:

Tell you what: do exactly what you said above, post the domain name here,
wait for someone to file an invalid WHOIS report, do nothing, watch them take
the domain name away from you, then go ahead and sue them. Do let people
here know what’s the end result.

However, don’t start complaining here if the registrar sues [i]you[/i] for breach of
contract. Chances are, part of your registrar’s agreement says you also agree
to hold them harmless, even if you don’t personally agree to that.

And don’t worry, I’m keeping an eye out for registrars sued for taking down a
customer’s domain account due to invalid WHOIS, even though it’s part of the
agreement. I’ll post if I ever come across one.

Oh, and courts validate contracts all the time, too. It’s case to case.

Somebody said it before, and I’ll say it again… You don’t even need to read any other posts, just go to KatzGlobal and do whatever you want. THEY don’t even ask for your name and you can pay by cash or money order. They do need an email address though so instead of using your personal, traceable email address, get an address at Hushmail does not even collect IP addresses so they have no information to reveal, even if leaned on by any fed. Word of warning: free hushmail account shuts down if you don’t log in at least once every three weeks. If you get shut down your options are:

  1. quickly purchase upgrade at hushmail to reactivate your account
  2. abandon it knowing that you also lose all contact with katz global because they have not collected any other personal info from you other than this email address.

Absolutely agree to this. Moreover domain name registrar should inform you about what they are going to do