Can Secret Services trace owner of domain even if register anonymously?

I’ve found a popular misspelling of a high-traffic foreign government website has been unregistered. I’d like to register the domain and then publish some data about this government’s atrocities. (Would open up an account anonymously with a free webhost to publish the webpages.)

However, I was wondering if I even paid extra to hide my info. in the WhoIs, is it possible for this government secret services to trace the owner? Can they hack into the registrar’s site (or have insiders who collude with them) and get someone’s info.?

I would register domain and create/update website only from Internet Cafes without visiting any of my own websites at the same time. Could also use false registrant data for the domain. Only one obstacle is paying for the domain name… can trace owner through creditcard, Paypal and every other method I can think of. Ideas?

Would rather not register if even 1% chance they can trace owner, because this government’s secret services are among the nastiest in the world and regularly cause serious harm to people even outside their own country.

Every other misspelling of this government’s websites have been registered, but they are just parked PPC landing pages.

do it anyways. who cares what they think. you bought the name, you can put up whatever. freedom of speech lol

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Depending on where they are, where you are, and where the registrar/host is, chances are they could supeona for the information.

They can subpeona ANY company to get the information. If a registrar says they will not give out the info they are not telling you the truth

I can’t see them putting that much effort in to finding you unless you are doing something very very wrong

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1: There is no such thing as freedom of speech in the UK (where you are based). Never has been. What you are and are not allowed to say has in recent months been further curtailed. Tread carefully, but (from a personal point of view), do tread :wink:
2: Providing false details invalidates your registration. If any entity takes a dislike to your musings, it will be very easy to shut you down, without even worrying about who you are.
3: As you have already said, anonymous payment is all but impossible.
4: You are traceable anyway. registrar -> ISP -> youraccount -> Mac address is only the easy option. With current legislation obtaining a court order for this info would be a walk in the park.
5: Outside of that, if a particular interest was taken, I’m sure the dudes at Menwith Hill would find it only too easy to monitor traffic (say…ftp packets) to your site and get your location that way.

“Know your enemy, know yourself” - Lao Tzu.

Been racking my brains all night: can’t think of any way of registering a domain name without a credit card or PayPal which would obviously disclose identity. Any alternative than anyone can think of?


I love it when people take things like this too seriously. If you say “the united states rapes the world and blah blah blah” they aren’t going to trace you down. If however you say stuff like this is how you make bombs, these would be good targets … then yes they will find out who you are and come get you. Most governments have MUCH larger concerns to deal with than someone rambling on the internet about them.

If used to pornography and now contains harsh views about the current administration then I doubt what you put on your site will have people hunting you down. Unless of course you are talking about the saudi government and post a ton of Mohammad cartoons … that might cause you some problems.

Well… so far you are not doing too well… If anything pops up in the next few weeks they might look for a Nadeem A. in London with a telephone number ending in 496…

So far… I’d say you are not doing too well…

ROTFL :smiley:

Oh… you must be talking about the US or is it Israel or the UK or **** the list is to long publish and be damnned … lol…

I think 14 year kid can also know who registered the domain.

I have read somewhere that the whois privacy from a given registar is only valid in its group.

If you look for a whois from another angle they show the informations.

That’s why nowadays they are using that technique of domains by proxy thing.

But If you are talking about Secret services then that is 100% true that they can know who owns this.

  1. Well done! I don’t it’s that difficult to find my details though :wink: I never hide my details in the WhoIs and link to my sites in the sig. and personal profile. I am generally deterred from doing business with companies which hide their details in WhoIs and hence don’t hide my own details. I run my sites ethically and have nothing to hide.

  2. Thanks for that Wikipedia link to Menwith Hill. I had no idea; I’m horrified that the US should be allowed to run the world’s largest spying base outside its own territory in the UK. But they do call us the 51st state… :mad: or is that the 52nd after a certain country in the Middle East?

  3. I’m not frightened to be controversial and stand up for the weak and oppressed, even if it angers their oppressors. I worked for years as a journalist and have had nasty threats before (there will always some group or other who doesn’t like at least one thing you write). The British police has caused me bother for going on anti-Capitalist demos. But, believe me, this country is far nastier than the USA and UK.

  4. Apart from the credit card link, I honestly can’t see how anybody can trace anybody if they do everything in (different) internet cafes (avoiding CCTV cameras): register domain, register for free webhosting account with made-up details and drop-in website.

  5. nameslot: interesting. Any more info on that?

  6. Is there any credit card you can buy for cash? I read a few years back that they were thinking of creating these for teenagers?

  1. Is there any credit card you can buy for cash? I read a few years back that they were thinking of creating these for teenagers?

I don’t think so. You could register your domain through a host and pay with a postal order?

Mastercard (and probably VISA) sells credit cards (debit) for cash. American Express does Gift Cards that are actually credit cards.

We can’t get these in the UK and the gift AMEX doesn’t work online… Unless you got someone in the US to buy it for you… :confused:

Well you annoy anyone by buying a misspelt domain so stop being such a dramatist and buy a sensible domain name :wink:

I am sure they can do it in there sleep

Even if you didn’t give out your personal info when you registered your domain, if someone wanted to track you down they could. (like the credit card route for one) Heck even the so-called “secure” government websites have ways to get into them making “sensitive” information visible to those that know how to do it. Remember, if you don’t want anyone to see it, don’t put in on a server. 2 men can keep a secret if 1 is dead. (and not always even then!) True, there are ways to pass information that are completely undetectable, but that’s a matter of numbers. It’s hard to spot 1 guy moving around in a crowd of millions. A website, however, isn’t moving. And once you’re sitting still, (and any other site with your info) if enough people are persistant long enough, they will find out your “private” info. Security is more a matter of Deterence rather than Prevention. So the more difficult you make it to find out your personal details, the less likely someone will take the trouble to get it, but never impossible.