Can PHP and Skype interact?


I have a concept for a website that involves video chat and was hoping to somehow use Skype. Looking around the Skype webpage, it seems that you can somehow(?) customize it to fit your needs. Though I’m not looking for the specific solution, does anyone know whether Skype or any other free video chat software would allow you to customize it so that assuming Users A and B are logged in that I could connect them via my website (PHP?) and disconnect them as well through my website? Or is this just pie in the sky thinking?

Any thoughts to just get me started would be appreciated at this point.

Thank you,


I don’t think anything and Skype can interact, unless you approach them with a serious amount of money…

Skype is a very closed and locked off system.

I highly doubt it.

A video call service would be C2C, rather than server driven…

OK! Thanks for the response…