Can Paypal show the total income for a selected date range

I use PP for a lot of payments, is there any way it can show the total money coming in for selected date ranges?


Of course. Simply view the account activity, filter it to show only “payments received” and then enter the dates you are wanting to search by.

If you want to get totals, simply copy/paste the results into an Excel spreadsheet and add up the columns.

They also have a statement feature which you have to pay for but is very accurate and detailed.

Van host its a lot of hassle copying it into excel, I have thousands of transactions some months.

That would include $ wouldn’t it?
I thought about doing it before but excel didn’t work with the $.

Thanks :slight_smile:

You can also write a script to calculate this using paypal’s TransactionSearch API

There is a monthly account statement feature that is free to Premier and Business accounts. However, if you have not yet activated it under your History tab, you will only be able to see statements beginning with the first month you activate the feature.

If you download your History information, you can look at all transactions with “Payment Received” within the transaction type, with a status of “Completed” or “Cleared”; however, keep in mind that you may also have received completed payments which were later refunded, so your calculations may be a little off depending on what criteria you use.

Thanks for the help.

Does that calculate the total income for that month for a specific email address and not just the whole account?


It’s for the whole account. I find it easiest to simply download into QuickBooks and let that keep track of it for me. I can get the detailed subsets I want there.

You can export data way back in time – I usually download 12 months worth at the end of the year and do a fresh import into QuickBooks before doing taxes.