Can one user use two github accounts where one is anonymous

I have my main GitHub account with my real name and email address. I wanted to create another account to use for code reviews and contributions in things I don’t want my professional profile to be associated with.

I created the ssh key and did this

#anon account
	User git
	IdentityFile ~/.ssh/anon

And it works great. But found that my commits were signed with my real name. So I did

git config "anon@email.address"
git config "anon`

And that fixed that.

I’m wondering, If I create a new repository at and change those use configurations. **is there anything I need to change so that no one knows that I’m me?

I know if I’m working on any existing repository where I made commits prior to changing git config user those commits can’t be reversed, but if the repository is emty, are all submits after changing the config completely anonymous?

If you create and commit a repository with a different username, it will be that username that is associated to the commits. It’s not anonymous - it’s a commit, made by a specific user.

That said, what you describe may violate Github’s Terms of Service, depending on if you pay for the account or not. Specifically:

  • One person or legal entity may maintain no more than one free Account (if you choose to control a machine account as well, that’s fine, but it can only be used for running a machine).

It’s not anonymous - it’s a commit, made by a specific user.

Yes, I meant it wouldn’t be associated with the other user in any way

That’s up to you. “It won’t be associated” in the sense that it wont be posted under the first account, yes.

If you have similar, identifiable coding styles that can be compared and assumptions made… if the email addresses on the accounts are from the same domain… if you slip up and make a commit with the wrong account… if you make comments on the repo and use your name…and of course GitHub can identify you as being the same IP posting to multiple accounts…

shrug Depends on your definition of associated.


Yes, that’s true.

I didn’t even know about the Terms of Service

I was thinking of using the second account to ask for code reviews on Reddit and other forums so that I can be critiqued without having my main account linked to my anonymous forum profiles. I thought it was a fantastic idea before you mentioned the terms.


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