Can one company use Multiple Brands?

Say I created an advertising company that specialized in websites, banner ads, photography, video and copy-writing. Say the name of this company was xyz advertising. Could I go and create several more advertising names and create an online presence as if they were another company? So, xyzadvertising would also have an incubator company called bbcadvertising and bignoseadvertising… I guess the answer is yes as long as the checks are made out to just xyz advertising or whatever name holds the tax ID. What do you think?

Oh, and I know we are all going to check out these names later. I don’t know if they exist or not. :wink:

That’s not really specializing is it? Websites, Photography, Copywriting and Video could each be considered their own industry with people spending their entire lives dedicated to that field. I know this isn’t exactly what you were looking for in an answer but considering the amount of stress and problems you’ve been suffering doing websites on their own, is it really wise to branch out what you offer to such an extent? In regards to your question you can indeed use multiple brands to offer your services under one business. Smashing Magazine for example has an additional resource website called Noupe, not the same name, offers different things but is still one business with several ventures. SitePoint does the same with Flippa (and it’s other services) and Envato have more brands than I can count. :slight_smile:

Having multiple brands is very common. With many products while there are dozens or even hundreds of different brands there are only two or three companies that make them.

Sure you can do so, as long as you keep the content of the sites different from each other. We have three different sites with three different offerings. The company is an umbrella for the sub devisions who have their own unique presents.