Can not see a databse and delete it!

hello everybody :
i have a problem with my MYSQL databases in my host .
i use a linux platform host with control panel .
as you know we have 4 items in the database section in CP .
1.mysql databses
2.mysql database wizard
4.remote mysql

unfortunately i craeted a database in phpmyadmin but in mysql database do not show it !? due to im able to delete my databses in mysql databases area so i dont know how to delete database in phpmyadmin !? also i can not drop my database in phpmyadmin because the limitation of my host permission .

IF you created the database and didn’t name it correctly, you won’t be able to see it with your permissions to delete it.

Logging into PHPMyAdmin with the master account should show you as much as you can see, if not, I would suggest contacting the host to see if they can resolve the problem for you.

you know when i back up from my database in PHPMYADMIN in the LOCAL part when i restore the databses it error but when i back up when i enter to the database then back up and restore it so i have no problem .