Can Joomla Do Image Transitioning with Tooltips?

I’m wondering if anyone knows if Joomla can do this: If you hover over an object, you’ll notice that all of the other objects fade and a tooltip pops up. Can any of Joomla’s extensions (or one, preferably) do this?

Also, if you click on one of the objects and hover over the object on the next page, can any Joomla extension do this? While hovering over the object, the tooltip on the right pops up as you move the mouse over different parts of the object and the menu of the left highlights as well.

I’ve been trying to work with jQuery to do this (and I’ve posted for assistance already), but my project is due in about a week’s time and I haven’t made much progress. I would appreciate some help, if anyone can give me some advice.

I’m afraid what you want is so specific that you may not be able to find a Joomla extension that provides that functionality.

I know you only have a week, but JQuery is capable of doing what you need to produce for your project. I’d seriously recommend learning it - and the only way to do that is for you to step into it and start coding.

Take a stab at it, get something working on the screen. If you need further help, post your html / javascript code here and I’m sure you’ll receive help.

Joomla Extensions can be found at Home - Joomla! Extensions Directory

Thank you, markusmad:

I’ve already started implementing jQuery; then I ran into a snag and have been trying to get assistance from a different forum for five days now. You guys at Sitepoint are awesome, and I’ve been learning a lot. But with a short schedule I have, I really would like to, say, have someone “hold my hand” throughout the procedure. So far, I’m at this point. I can send you a link to the post that has been produced, if you’d prefer to read that.

Ok, it looks like you’re on your way to a solution. I’m a Drupal developer and I don’t know Joomla well at all but I do know the basic idea of how it works. Here is how I would approach this (some of which you have done):

  1. Set up my elements on the page with jQuery fadeIn, fadeOut

  2. Add a modal window feature (on mouseover/mouseout )

  3. Attach the modal window to the bottom left or right corner depending on the screen size and coordinates of the element that called it.

As far as configuring it with the CMS, you could create a content type for each of those elements (light fixtures) with fields for title, content, etc… that would be displayed in the modal and pull them out dynamically into a display or just create a custom block of code and place it on the page desired.

You are well on your way as far as I can see so keep plugging away :smiley:

Thank you, awasson. I appreciate your comment.

I know how to do php/MySQL, so configuring the CMS isn’t so much of a problem. It’s figuring out how to create the modal window (if in fact that’s the only option at this point) code.