Can Internal Link Building be the cause for website penalty?

I’m giving hyperlink to few key words pointing to my homepage on my web site home page content.So I want to know can google penalize my web site for this sort of internal link building.Or is this reliable to employ this approach.

Note: I am implementing the keywords as it is definitely.

Why are you putting those links on your page? If it’s to help your human visitors to navigate, and to easily locate the information they want, then that’s great - carry on. :slight_smile: If you’re doing it for some perceived search engine benefit, then you might as well not bother. I doubt Google will actively penalise you for it, but neither will you gain any benefit from such internal links.

It’s definitely an approach that can help point the search engines in the right direction as to what the concept of a page is, though you have to be careful with it. Just like you wouldn’t drop 50 links into a single external article, you wouldn’t do it on your own site. Also remember that universal page pieces such as header and footer are easily discernible to the engines, so a footer link won’t have as much value internally as a link within a unique content piece.

As far as a penalty, if you’re not doing this in a spammy way you should be fine. I run a large classified site that by nature has a ton of internal links (like 100k+) because of different geographic regions, sub-regions, etc. and it doesn’t have any issues.

Correctly said Duffy, as long as you are not doing any spam activity, it will be safe, and it is by far the best way to make a site easily navigable for users as well as it will by default get you search engine benefit because search engine bots will find it easy to crawl you site pages quickly through the links, but maintain a consistency of not posting more than 2 links on an article irrespective of the size of the article.

There is nothing wrong with internal linking. Supposedly your supposed to do it more the deeper you get. It’s the off site linking that can get you in trouble.

Agree Internal Linking is Good .
As Per Question , Seems its wrong to point out links for same page to same . you are Asking to Put Contextual Link with your targeted keywords that navigate Again to same page .
You Should Use to navigate for your inner pages .

As long as your link building is natural there wont be any issues. Internal linking is good for a website’s SEO, if you do well Google wont penalize at all.

Internal linking is fine. Try to choose anchor text keywords that fit with your site theme for an even better result

Interlinking is good for making your site interlinked to each other pages.
And its not cause of any penalty by doing so, its just a way to navigate one page to others also.

Well said, over linking may attract penalty.

I don’t think it can be a cause of getting penalized. how? We make this to help visitors to read important pages on an easier way. please know me how Google will know i did this for optimizing search engines?

Internal linking is good. But remember don’t overdo it.

We seem to have said everything that needs to be said at least once, and the OP hasn’t come back with further questions or comments, so I think it’s time to close this thread. Thanks to those who contributed.