Can I write the url like this?

Can I make the URL become to comply with RankmathSEO’s recommendation that the keyword be in the URL? I can’t use “&” as it’s a special character, and using its ASCII substitute, “%26”, also doesn’t work because it automatically converts and disappears before the URL is rewritten. Is there a solution?

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To be honest, I think the difference it will make (if any at all) will be negligable, it’s not worth your time thinking about it.


It’s just that I was following the plugin’s instructions, which basically adds points as you fulfill the recommendations it gives you. Of course, I was getting confused because it increased the score for the keyword in the URL, and when updating the WordPress post, the post’s score indicator would decrease as if I wasn’t using the keyword in the URL. So, in this case, would it be like I’m doing it?

Since you can’t put an ampersand in the URL you could replace it with the word “and” if it makes you feel better. But again, this kind of thing is of very little consequence. You would do better spending your time on something other than obesessing over minute details.


For a seo friendly url use “and” instead of “&” . it becomes It will avoid the character issue and also will be seo friendly.