Can i use tool for directory submission?

can i use automatic submission tool for directory submission?its wont affect seo?
which is the best submission tool?

Some people would give you an advice like “something will look bad only if you use it in a bad way.” Apparently, there’s a “right” way of using those kinds of tools, but I’m really not convinced. If I’m going to submit my links on places like those, I’d rather give it some time to do it manually than put myself in the risk of being called a link spammer. You wouldn’t want to be called that, would you? Anyway, to answer your question, yes. It does have an effect, but it doesn’t last that long. If the search engines notice that you’re spreading links on the Internet at machine gun speed, there’s a chance that you’re going to be hammered in the rankings.

There was a recent thread on this subject:

Yes you can use automated tool for directory submission. They Sick submitter is good but I don’t know really if can cause spam.