Can I use this site?

Can I use website to increase traffic on my website. does this technique work in SEO. please give me suggestion what i do for better and quick ranking?

Honestly I fail to see what the point is of “paid traffic”. It seems to me like a complete waste of bandwidth and money.
Plus I don’t see any way that it could possibly help SEO. :confused:

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Welcome to the forums, @digitalpixels. You seem to be rather confused.

Your first mistake is in associating social media with SEO; the two are unrelated. SEO (search engine optimisation) refers to methods used to increase your site’s performance in search engines; social media is a place for social interactions. Not only is it inappropriate to try to use social media for SEO purposes, it is also a waste of time. Links which you place yourself in this way are regarded as pretty worthless by search engines, and in any case, most social media links are marked nofollow, in accordance with Google’s guidelines.

As @SamA74 has already said, the only traffic you will get from a site like that is entirely fake, so what good do you imagine it will do you? It certainly won’t help with SEO. How could it? How would search engines know how much “traffic” your site is getting?

My advice would be to stop looking for quick fixes and instead concentrate on building a quality site.


Paid traffic always creates various problems like affecting SEO and other branding issues.

Welcome to the forums, @infowhatsappupdate.

Please could you explain in more detail how you think paid traffic has this effect? As I mentioned above, it has no direct impact on SEO.

I agree with @TechnoBear, paid traffic won’t do any help on your SEO… I think you need to get back to basics in order to understand how SEO really works…

There is no any benefit of paid traffic in SEO. If you are doing so you are ruining your website’s branding and authentication.

I think having a presence on the big social networks is important for branding but as @TechnoBear says, the main focus of any SEO or website owner should be to create a high quality site that offers value to potential visitors… A small adwords campaign can help to consolidate your SEO efforts but it’s a waste of money if you don’t possess a high quality site…

Even I too agree with @TechnoBear, better to get organic traffic rather than getting paid.

As we all seem to be in agreement, and the OP has never returned, I think we can close this thread.

Thanks to all who contributed.

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