Can I Use My Client's Custom Order Form in Wordpress?

I am wondering if its possible to add custom order forms, and a custom cart to specific wordpress pages or posts. The order forms would most likely be treated in a post format, with each product getting it’s own post and it’s own specific order form. The cart would be it’s own page.

Order Form:

This order form would need to be placed within a product post.

The Cart:
The cart would need to be coded into it’s own page.

Is it possible for me to place the html code from the current site ( craftefamily dot com) into WordPress, or do I need to seek other means of creating a store? Hope that makes sense, and thanks to anyone who can help!

It’s a lot more complicated than you think. It’s best to use a shopping cart wordpress plugin for this sort of thing or a separate shopping cart CMS. I suggest opencart cms. Install that in a sub-directory in your wordpress directory and then just link to the product page on it.

The main problem is that the client has their current shopping cart export an Excel file. They then take this file and they have a system that checks for errors (like an invalid
shipping address). Do you know if any wordpress shopping cart plugins will export an Excel file? Also, their products have a lot of variables (like entering in a name for custom
engraving, styles, graphics, many other variables per product) that the customer selects when purchasing a product, and unfortunately I have yet to find a Wordpress plugin that
actually allows there to be a large number of variables. That’s why I would rather implement their current order forms and shopping cart / checkout into the site.

It would be nice just to restyle what they have currently and use it. Any idea how to go about this?

OpenCart has the option of adding additional attributes to a product. Product options are also possible with OpenCart. As far as shipping addresses go there is nothing stopping you from making a custom extension or plugin to OpenCart. That plugin would then be responsible for checking the shipping address and you won’t need excel compatibility.

BTW integrating an ASP form in a PHP based CMS like wordpress isn’t possible without the use of iframes or other hackish methods. MY suggestion is to decide whether you want to use ASP or PHP to power your websites and then take it from there. Its like a religion. You choose one.