Can i upload a "swf" clip to Youtube?

Hi everyone,
I’d like to upload a clip i created with Flash to “Youtube”. I tried loading but failed to load either the “swf” or the “fla” file.
Anyone knows how to do that ? Is there a converter ? In case there is, to what format should i convert it ?

You can export your animation as a quicktime .mov from flash itself, then upload that to youtube

I selected: File->Export->Export movie. Save as type I selected: “Quick time (*.mov)” and recieved an error that says: “The version selected in the Flash settings is not supported by Quick Time. Please set the Flash version in the publish settings to 5 or lower”. I use Flash version 8.
At the stage’s properties I selected: “Settings”, in “Flash” tab i changed “version”
to “Flash player5” and tried export again. This time i recieved an erro that says:"This movie uses features that are not supported in “Flash player 5”.
Any idea wher to turn to ? Could i download newer nQuickTime ?
Thanks a lot

What version of flash are you using?

There is NO “newer” QuickTime, which might help you. Historically QuickTime supported some VERY BASIC SWF tags at the level of SWF ver. 4 or so. Later Apple had discarded Flash support and it doesn’t like Flash upto now for political reasons. Therefore this function will not work for you. Forget about it.

What you really need to do is to convert your SWF animation into a Flash Video Format or to any video format and let YouTube convert your video format into FLV at the server side.

There are many tools doing such conversion, but what I’d like to say is that you must understand that your small SWF file will be converted into very large video file. So, do not use too big scene size and do not use too high frame rate (15 fps is the best one). In any case such conversion isn’t a good idea. To host SWF, as SWF is much better one.



Thank you al999. Things are much clearer now. It is also clear that using swf i create to upload on Youtube is not very realistc…

Since flash cs3, you can export animations as normal video files, either .avi or .mov. There is no question of embedding the swf into container, any .mov now exported has a standard quicktime video codec e.g animation, photo-jpeg

That’s what flash does nowadays, it’s been an in built capability since cs3. However it can’t directly output to .flv, only as .avi or .mov. Anyway you wouldn’t want to export to a heavily lossily compressed interim format such as .flv as it’ll lose further quality when you upload. Quicktime photo-jpeg at 90% quality+ is a good compromise between upload size and quality.

Who cares how big the video is if youtube are hosting it. If you have a great animation, why wouldn’t you want to have it available to view on one of the most popular sites in the world?

Thanks EastCoast, I should convert to cs3 from Flash 8 i gather.
I’ll consider if uploading my clip to youtube deserves that effort.
Thanks again