Can I turn guides on/off in Photoshop?

Hello all,

I have a question that I should have asked someone a long time ago…

While designing in Photoshop (I use CS3), I like to use the guides to make a grid or to keep various elements lined up. Occasionally I like to turn them off (view->clear guides) so I can see how everything looks. Unfortunately, I often forget to turn them back on before making new changes to the document.

Is there a way that I can define a grid pattern for a document, and recall it at any time, so I don’t have to decide between: a) keeping my new changes but having to set up the guides again, or b) going back several (or many) steps to get my guides back and losing all the new pretty changes I made?

Thanks so much!

I believe ctrl + ; hides the guide lines. Do it again to bring them back. Good luck.

Thanks! That certainly did the trick; I wish I would have asked that question a long time ago!!