Can I survive without Google?

I’m getting really frustrated with Google. It seems like you have to jump through so many hoops just to get a website indexed nowadays. They must have half a dozen “verification” schemes, and sometimes none of them work. And why should I have to publish a sitemap on a new website with nothing more than a home page???

I know Google’s king of the hill, but do you know anyone who has been blacklisted by Google and still managed to get substantial amounts of traffic and make money from their sites? I’m not really being blacklisted, but I’m just so tired of their endless games, I’m thinking of saying so long.

I believe the next biggest search engines are Bing and Yahoo, which are both far behind Google, right? It seems like a person ought to be able to get along without search engines completely if you just had lots of links from other websites.

P.S. Can anyone recommend a really good sitemap software program that’s either free or inexpensive? I’m using a Mac, but my sites are hosted on Linux servers.

Try this one:

I have used them and find they are quite good.


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You don’t :smile:
Sitemaps are recommended, particularly for larger sites, where the crawlers may have difficulty finding all the (many) pages. If you have just one page, there is no need for it. Google does not demand a sitemap, it’s an option if you think you need it.
And if you do want a sitemap for a single page site, you should not need any software to create it.

Where is all this coming from? When you sign up to WMT there is a verification system, and that’s it. If you also use Analytics (nothing to do with getting indexed) that must be verified too, but if you are already verified via WMT, that takes no effort at all.
Getting indexed should not be difficult at all. It can take a little while for figures to show in WMT on a new site, that’s normal, but does not mean you are not indexed.


Their verification system seems to have become buggy. I followed the instructions, downloading a verification file, uploading it to my site, then clicking the VERIFY button, but my sites are still unverified.

Looking at their log, it looks like most of my sites WERE verified a month ago, but now they’re unverified. Google says “We were unable to connect to your server.”

I have no trouble connecting to it.

There are a number of different ways to verify, if one does not work, try another.

Was that what you meant by that statement?
Those are multiple choice, you only need choose one of them. you don’t need them all.

That’s what I mean; I’ve tried SEVERAL verification schemes. There’s something weird going on.

I was mostly curious to know how important Google is. If it totally flakes out on me, will I still be able to build up my traffic? I remember seeing posts by people who had been rejected by Google AdSense for one reason or another, and they were looking for other advertisers to work with.

Are you indexed with Google?
If you Google “” and it shows your pages, that’s good.
That’s the main thing you want, then being able to do things and observe things in WMT is an extra.

It’s not the only SE out there, but it is by far the biggest, so I would not want to not be indexed with them.
If you do have any backlinks or have submitted the site to Google before, it should get crawled and indexed by them naturally, which is the priority. So I suppose you don’t need WMT, but it can help. For one, to keep an eye on things and it’s also good for letting them know about updates/additions to the site quickly. But still, your changes will get noticed naturally over time if it’s already indexed.

You may want to try their support forums for more specific help, you can sometimes get in touch with their staff there who may be better placed to resolve the issue.

You mean Adwords?

Having Adsense ads on your site will not affect the traffic
Having your Adword ads on other sites will

You can try this one, I find it quite useful

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