Can I search through specific sites when I need to reference something while coding?

Can I search my bookmarks for information in some like custom search engine? Or pick twenty websites to search for content and write a bit of code for it? Just looking for some ideas to accomplish this for my students. Thank you.

These questions are really, really vague.

If you can, give us a click-by-click example of what each is supposed to look like so we know what you are talking about.

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Sorry about that.

Can I search my bookmarks for keywords? I have over 100 websites with information I will be covering. It would be helpful if my students could quickly reference my links for specific talking points.

Wondering if there is a way to write some code to build a custom search engine. Or maybe something easier to sort through my resources.

I’m starting to think this is probably not going to work the way I was thinking last night. Thank you for your time.

I don’t use it much, but have you looked into Evernote to see if it has the sort of functionality you’re looking for?

Interesting approach. I will look into that. Thank you.

This would be relatively easy to do if you have database know-how.

Maybe you could take a look at the Chrome/Chromium extension “WorldBrain - The (Re)search-Engine”:

I have briefly tried it in Chromium and it downloads the bookmarked pages and build a local search index, that will take some time.

The use is to type “w query” in the browser’s addressfield and the results are presented like suggestions in the dropdown.

According to the FAQ both Firefox and Opera versions are planned for 2017.

Wow. Thank you so much. I think that is what I’m looking for.

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