Can I run a facebook ad campaign without a website?

Help me it would be appreciates

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What’s the goal of the ad campaign then?

Also your icon is for a web marketting agency. You should probably be asking this question of your coworkers.

my goal is to generate leads for hardware networking services like laptop services

Your laptop services client doesnt have a website?

Before you take money from them to run facebook ads, i’d suggest counseling them to create a website first.

How exactly would you know you’ve generated a lead, if not by ‘they clicked on the ad and went to a website’?

I have two plans one is lead generation campaign i think there is no need of website and one other is gmail form submission or another tool for landing pages

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well having a website is extra advantage because it re-direct user traffic to website but, it doesn’t mean you have to require website to run campaign. you can mention business address, contact number and other details on your Facebook page too and that will help.

Yes, you can but to have a website is better to attract more visitors.
If you don’t have a website, Facebook ad campaign is fine even if you have just a Facebook or Instagram page.

Yes, you can run Facebook ads without having a website. Facebook provides lead generation forms in his ad campaign. Or you can build your landing page on click funnel or unbounce, they also help you generate leads.

Yes, we can run a Facebook ad campaign without a website. We can create Lead generation Ad Campaign. Where we can create a form for getting user data. When more numbers of users fill your form you can get more number of leads from this form. So that means if you don’t have a website you can collect leads from facebook ad campaign.

It also means your website is a facebook form :wink:

I think facebook ad campaign runs without any website due to facebook owns the most popular & it has ads manager to create any add or any kind of campaign. Also, it’s must be mentioned that only facebook can be filtering most to reached your targeted persons for earn or viral your URL or post. For the best knowledge, you can log in to your Facebook profile & then type facebook blueprint in the search box where you can get entire answers that your mind waiting for.

Website is not required, but you won’t be able to leverage all the features of FB advertising to get the best results for your business.