Can I redirect from HTTP to HTTPS?

Hey, few months (6month I guess) ago I migrated from old domain to new domain. Everything was going great but now I want https secure site. I mean I want to migrate from HTTP to HTTPS

Should I do this? I mean is it ok to have chain redirection?. I know google doesn’t like chain redirections. But does it affect my rankings?

Can’t you change your existing redirects to point to the https version of your new domain? That way you won’t have chain redirection.

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Google doesn’t like “sneaky” redirects, which try to disguise their target, but the kind of situation you describe is quite common. Did you use the “Change of address” facility in Search Console to notify Google of the domain change?

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Yes, I did use this feature when I redirected from old domain to new domain but I didn’t make HTTPS redirection.

But Google knows the redirect from the old domain to the new is legitimate, so I don’t think you need worry about it.

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I knew but I have already made redirection from old to new. But now I have new domain with http protocol and want to make redirection from HTTP to HTTPS

I understood that. I’m trying to explain that as you’ve already followed the correct procedure to redirect one domain to another, I don’t think you need worry about also redirecting http to https. Google is trying to encourage the use of https, and will not regard the change as anything suspicious.

It may take a little time for Google to update its index, but you won’t be penalised for making the change.

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Thanks for suggestion…