Can I multiple Swap in Flash CS3?

Is there a way to do a multiple swap in Flash CS3? Does anyone know if there is a reliable extension or a built in procedure that I don’t know about?

Any kind of symbols in the library for a timeline that has multiple keyframes.

Multiple swap what?

You could use a jsfl command script (which you can map to a hotkey)
See the one called ‘multi swap’ on this page:
Also worth checking this:
Flash extensions are usually quite version specific so these might not work in the latest.

Yes, I have a timeline tween with 3 keyframes. All of them are symbol1. I want to swap all those files with symbal2b. Right now I have to go to each keyframe and swap those symbols one at a time. It’s very time consuming. Is there a way to swamp them at the same time?

So, at a specific keyframe on the timeline you want to swap one MovieClip for another?