Can I make icon by Adobe Photoshop?

I want to make some logo and icon. But I don’t know that which software is the best for making logo. Is Adobe Photoshop can make logo?

If you own Photoshop you can use that but there are a lot of free programs that can be used including Gimp which supports layers.

Of course, i usually use photoshop to make them

I recommend Illustrator or Fireworks for logos, as they deal more with vectors, which are better for logos. A free alternative might be Inkscape.

I suggest to use Illustrator for creating logo and icons, but of course you can use photoshop.

Illustrator will give vector output (No spike in large dimension) . Photoshop is enough to design logo for YOUR website or app.


If wanna logo or any kind of icon, I’ll prefer Illustrator at first, after that Corel Draw. As usual, photoshop is not a good choice for logo and icon.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Yes, you can ,but I recommend adobe Illustrator

If you’re trying to save an ICO file with photoshop, you’ll have to use this plugin:

I don’t have experience working on same type of job. But I have good experience working on Adobe photoshop. You can create icon using adobe Photoshop but it is not effective for this type of job. I suggest you Illustrator is best for this. Because mostly people use Illustrator for logos and Icons.

Yes, we can make logos and icons using Adobe Photoshop 6 and it is quiet easy to use.

of course. You can do icon with photoshop. I think If you do icon with CorelDraw or Illustrator would be better. Often used photoshop to edit photos or designs. <snip/> Good luck

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