Can I make a SQL query case sensitive in MS Access?

Very simple thing, my login involves checking the enetered details against a table in the database (in this case Access)

So for example:

select * from Users where Users.Name="Admin"

The only problem I am having is that if you logged in as admin you also get past the login page which I {DO NOT want.

(I do a SESSION[‘name’]==Users.Name and Admin does not equal admin and therefore it fails further down the line in my code).

Can anyone think how I can sort this out that only Admin passes the login page and not admin?

Hopefully this is explained well enough, I am using Access and ASP and desperatly need this to work …

Thanking you


…where StrComp(Name, “Admin”, 0) = 0

StrComp returns 0 when the strings are equal

Last parameter = 0 => binary (Admin <> admin)
Last parameter = 1 => text (Admin = admin)

thanks I will give that a shot