Can i host social networking site at any hosting company? From newbie

For creating a social networking site can i host from any hosting company? And what things I have to know for creating a social networking site? Which hosting company is recommented? Thanks in advance

Yes start with shared web hosting and make sure you find a company that does have dedicated servers,but also can manage them as well?

Which hosting company is recommented? Thanks in advance

In any case I think you need to decide which kind of web hosting is needed for you. I think that is better to start with shared web hosting account and then decide if you need something bigger or not. It si not recommended to get started with dedicated server at all.

Thanks for the answers

Shared web hosting account will be more then enough to get started. Then as soon as you grow you will be able to upgrade.
Good luck.

Not sure I would recommend going VPS if the site is beginning to get any kind of decent usage. The VPS servers very often cap out not to far ahead of a shared server when it comes to system resources, you get a memory or cpu intensive script, even a WordPress-MU script that gets a good deal of usage and you will have to go to dedicated to not have your host sending you upgrade suggestions or usage warnings a few times a week I am afraid. Some of the hosts even just cut you off with no warning if things get to busy…can wreak havic for a budding website if not careful.

if you are newbie you can start your website with shared hosting, if you get many visitors you can then shift to vps server and if you get millions of hits for very busy website you might need to go with dedicated server.

you can find many shared hosting at cheap prices on or you can go with and if you need very cheap dedicated server then i recommend you to go with i have one account with them they have very good support.