Can I hide the forums that I am not interested in?

I have just joined Sitepoint, and am amazed at the sheer size and range of this excellent resource. But that’s also a problem. Frankly, there is too much information here for my brain to absorb.

What I would like to do is set up some sort of filter whereby I only see the forums that are of interest to me. That would let me focus on, for example, the basic web design and SEO forums, without seeing posts from ther more specialised areas such as Java and Ruby. I might still want to visit those sections, but I would rather they didn’t show up in Today’s Posts, Unanswered Threads, etc.

Does this make sense? Is there any way I can achieve that? If not, would the forum masters consider it as a feature to add in the future? (I’ve seen similar features in other forums.)

Thanks in advance.


Certainly, we can consider it as a feature for a future hack (not sure that vBulletin will have it so I guess SP will have to create it themselves).

The only possibility to personalize your SPF experience right now would be to use a browser that allows addins such as Greasemonkey and create your own script to hide what you want.

Thanks for your positive response, Molona. I’ll leave it to the people in charge to consider whether this would be a worthwhile feature. In the meantime, I’ll consider Greasemonkey. I had been meaning to take a look at it anyway.


You can minimize whole sections of forums using this icon on the right hand side:

That’s excellent, Dave. That makes a big difference when viewing the main forum page - especially as it appears to remember the setting between visits. Thank you.

Now, what I’d really like is something similar Today’s Posts or Unanswered Threads. Maybe one day …


I missed that one! :smiley: