Can I have spaces in VALUE

For a Radio Button, would this work okay…

        <label><input id="opt5" type="radio" name="education" value="College (Bachelors)" />College (Bachelors)</label>



Would it be better from a backend standpoint to make the value something like “College_Bachelors” or does’t it matter to HTML or PHP?

Doesn’t matter. So long as you sanitize the data coming in and validate it against what is acceptable, you’ll be fine.

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The data will be coming in as a string. It doesn’t matter.

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Yes it is.

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Is it bad to be storing values - with spaces in between words - in the database?

“College - Bachelors”
“College - Masters”
“College - Doctorate”

“Worker - Blue-Collar”
“Worker - White-Collar”

(These are attributes about a User, and not keys or anything special.)

No. So long as your database schema type accepts it (string, varchar, text, etc.), you’re fine.

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