Can I go from CSS2 to CSS3 incrementally?

My 3 Websites are all CSS2 compliant, which pleases me greatly, but I should really like to have rounded corners on my navigation bar! But of course, I fail the compliance test now. Does anyone have any advice for how to incrementally go CSS3?
Is it a tedious task to convert altogether? Or has somebody created a converter?

Installed on in pbh.css (just for HTML5 pages which are not numerous in this site)



PS made me laugh … apparently, "Your topic is similar to … ", How can I get visitors from other countries? :smile:

If I’ve understood your question correctly, you just start using the bits of CSS3 you want - and ensure you set the W3C validator to check CSS3 (under “More Options”). Your CSS2 will still be valid under CSS3.

[quote=“CollegePE, post:1, topic:105184”]
PS made me laugh … apparently, "Your topic is similar to … ", How can I get visitors from other countries?
[/quote]I’ve spotted a few strange suggestions there myself. (Never trust an automated process to understand what it’s on about…)

I just checked your site, both html and css. They both passed the w3c validators - there are some depcrecation warnings, but no errors… What issue are you having?



In reality, there’s no such thing as “CSS3”. You don’t upgrade from CSS2. There are many new CSS modules (i.e. things that CSS can do), and you can use them as soon as browsers support them.

Just to expand on what Ralph said:

Each of the modules labelled as CSS3 is being developed separately. Some of these modules have already reached the stage of becoming a standard while others are nowhere near and could change dramatically or be abandoned.

You really need to consider each module separately with regard both to how close to being a standard it appears to be (if it isn’t yet a standard) and also what browsers support that module.

Thanks for all your help. After a brief “sed” refresher, it was the work of but a few minutes to change the requested profile parameter from ‘css2’ to ‘css3’ in the validator link and voila! I am compliant WITH rounded corners.


It occurs to me, that my “sed” research might be useful here so …

find . -name "\*" -type f -print | egrep ".php$|.htm\*"| xargs sed -i "s/css-validator.\*>$/css-validator\/check\/referer\/\&amp\;warning\=1\&amp\;profile\=css3\&amp\;usermedium\=all\">/"

Note the “.” before the “*” - that was my sticking point.

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