Can i get your opionions on tumblr vs wp & on tubmlr in general

Out of curiosity i have started to take a second look at tumblr. It looks like customizing seems to be limited?
Do you folks like it, would you only consider using for promotional blogs?
just curious over all

Problem with all those hosted options is that you ultimately don’t have control of you space. They could decide to quit at any time and spoil the party for you. Better to have your own site on your own space. Anything you can do with these two you can do with other CMSes.

good point. you can install wp on any server, but not tumblr.
I guess I would have not considered tumblr as a “main site” anyway. but more like a promotional asset


Yes, and there are lots of those—including Twitter, FB, Google+ etc. There’s a compelling movement at the moment to reclaim your content and not litter it across the web on sites owned by people who really don’t care about your promotional goals. A whole generation of such services has already gone down the tube, so be assured all of these newer ones will too.

That is a very good point (& thx for the link, enjoyed it reading it.) but the flip side of that coin is that some people would be interested in what you are promoting. If a really REALLY like something, like an artist or a favorite show or topic.
I’ll hunt down whatever is out there on it. I would not like to find repetitive content on a lot of crappy sites. but would be happy to find original content even if promotional from the original source.