Can i convert my page into company (comunity?) page?


i have facebook page for my company, for more than a year.

on Info page i have only ability to enter Basic Info and Detailed Info. there are no way i can enter Company Overview etc…

also, i’m a bit confused with this, because i’m very much sure o created that page not like i created my personal page…

how can i change existing page to be real “company related” page?

thank you very much in advance!

I think when you create the page you have option to select …what is page about …company…person…website…professional …so may be choosing that may help…
or could you please elaborate the question

i did create page as company. i did not created it as a personal.

but i can not define any kind of data like Company Overview.

In facebook you have to create particular page of company and you will also get static url and customize according to your need.