Can I choose Opencart?

Hi brains trust.
My site has approx 600 products so not massive – with reasonably standard sales process – option to send as a gift, add a voucher etc
Prod details require approx 15 fields – mainly text based – nothing overly fancy.
Free is good but not scared to spend $$ if required and reasonable
Can I choose Opencart?
By the way, can I give more information about Opencart extensions?

Have you looked at the Opencart documentation to see if it handles your requirements?

We use opencart. I personally quite like it but it does have some limitations. There is no drop ship option as far as i am aware. Also we recently had a problem with the worldpay module as it was sending back a payment id and this was being encoded numerically in a way that meant it was matching records it shouldn’t as it was effectively using ‘like’ rather than ‘equals’

You can add options and coupons and tickets (using a add in module).

It’s free so you can set it up as a test and see if you like it.

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I’ve made several opencart shops and it is relatively easy to set up. You’d probably end up paying for a theme, and the best ones cost around $50 - $60 so they are not expensive either. Adding mods can extend its features and they vary from free to $30+.So a good theme, and a couple of mods and still it’s only about $100.

The better themes do require a bit of work to get them up to speed as they offer so many options, but then again, that’s what makes them the better themes. Many of the simpler and free themes are perfectly acceptable to be honest. One client had a server upgrade the version of php which killed his shop (an early version, 1.2 I think) and I found a free theme almost identical to his paid one.