Can I Buy Hosting blog On Custom Domain?

Hi Friends and Webmaster’s
I have a blog starmovieslinks and i want to buy a webhosting for my blog.
Plz Webmaster’s and My Friends tell me how i can take hosting for my blog and after buying the hosting what will be the steps,pl give some tips and details about it

You said you had custom domain name. Can you please explain what kind of domain name it is?
I believe you have your blog hosted on your desktop PC?

depends on the platform you are using.

with wordpress you can have your hosting bought somewhere else, make an export of the posts to the new hosting. is the website you would use with hosted wp option.

Much depends on the script you are using for blog. So what is that?

Yes, you can buy hosting on this domain. Just select any good web host and ask them to host on their server. They will provide you name servers using that you can access the website.

If your planning to write blog in wordpress you can ask them for this domain name as they offer custom domains as well.

Wordpress is the best option for hosting blog on custom domain